The Blowhole Babe of the Week #38: Ashley Tisdale

Here we are in our thirty-eighth week of Babe declarations with our first Babe Rerun. As Nicole alluded to in an earlier post, today is in fact my birthday. Though I’ve tried my hardest not to re-use any Babes, in honor of my surviving yet another year, I’ve decided to throw my “rules” (or lach thereof) out the window. If you didn’t know that Ashley Tisdale was one of my all time favorites, then you probably don’t know me that well. Or we just haven’t talked about who I find most attractive. But I digress…

Ashley was declared BOTW way back in week four of this here tradition. If you recognize her from anywhere, it’s most likely from one of her roles on the Disney Channel, having starred on The Suite Life of Zack and Cody as well as the High School Musical franchise. She’s also released two albums and runs her own production company, Blondie Productions. This fall, she’ll be starring as a cheerleader in the CW drama Hellcats. Yeah, I don’t care how that turns out. I’ll be watching. Unlike most young starlets, Ashley has said numerous times that she is drug and alcohol free, and steers clear of the club-hopping lifestyle. She knows how to win me over.

But my favorite Ashley Tisdale fact is that today is also her birthday as well. So Happy Birthday to Miss Tisdale! I’m sure being declared Babe of the Week was right at the top of your wish list.


One Response to The Blowhole Babe of the Week #38: Ashley Tisdale

  1. […] the Week, Emma Stone. She also currently stars alongside the only two-time Babe of the Week, Ashley Tisdale in the new CW cheerleading drama, […]

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