Meet the B-Holes

Michael – Hello. I am the token dude of the B-Holes, responsible for bringing you a new Babe every week. I’m a creative writing major with one year left on my sentence. My goal in life is to entertain people either through publishing real books or writing/making real movies. I spend too much time reminiscing about pop culture from the ’90s. If you remember shopping in a Hills department store, remind me I owe you a high five. If you successfully develop a way to travel through time, notfiy me first. I’d do the same for you. If you know Ashley Tisdale, then hook a brother up. As you can tell, I’m rarely serious. I’d tell you more about me, but I gotta hop in my zord and run. Zedd’s attacking the city again. It’s morphin’ time!

Nicole– I’m the most frequent poster of the Blowholes. I have an addiction to ice cream, and I have a tendency to walk into immobile objects, mobile objects, cats, small dogs, children, adults, the elderly, pretzels…etc.  My hobbies include doodling,photography, and embarrassing moments.  I studied writing and theatre at school, which is where we all met. (Currently residing in NY being a hermit).

Thomasa– Hello all! I’m Thomasa- don’t worry your pretty little head about how to say that- and i’m the blowhole authority on all things Youtube. Out of everyone in the group i’m probably not the one you want to take with you on any pop culture, music, or movies quiz show, but i’m the one most likely to either tell you off or give you a hug.:) I’m a pretty smart cookie but shiny, loud, odd, and overall present things distract me very very easily. So don’t mind me if it seems i’ve begun to stare off into space, everything is normal. I’m the blowholian that is graduating this semester with my BA in Creative Writing. I’ve written two books which I hope to publish and if life goes as i’ve planned i’ll be able to make a living with my writing. I have a fish named Prince William and a dog named Lady, so obviously i know something about royalty.That’s pretty much it. I’m done- if you have any questions…keep them to yourself.

Heather– This blowhole’s name is Heather Dawn Vitous and I’m about to make something happen. I just don’t know what! Haha. But seriously, I hail from the humble river-town of Elizabeth, PA. I spend most of my days as an armadillo at the Pittsburgh Zoo and spend most of my nights as an owl. Yeah, try and figure that one out. I have a pet cat named Tibby and Bichon Frise name Zach, that’s short for puffy white dog who likes to roll in mud. Currently I’m 22 years old and am not a frequent drinker. My aspirations include: becoming a writer, actress, dancer, philosopher, daydreamer. I like to read fantasy novels, write fantasy stories and basically I live in a fantasy. Other hobbies include: making bracelets, random things out of clay, and singing in the shower. Well, that’s a bit about me (all the important stuff I think) now go read our blog!! Go! Go on!!


2 Responses to Meet the B-Holes

  1. You guys are kinda friggin’ awesome arent you D:

    • Thomasa says:

      We like to think so LOL

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