Hunk of The Week #12: Alexander Skarsgard

July 7, 2010

True Blood actor #2 for me. Are you seeing a trend here? You’ll probably see more in the weeks to come…

Where you’ve seen him: Well, If you speak Swedish and English you’re in luck, because you can watch him in either Language! His most memorable roles were as Meekus in Zoolander, Micke in The Dog Trick, Sgt. Brad ‘Iceman’ Colbert in Generation Kill and Eric Northman  in True Blood.

here you can see him right now: As Eric Northman on the HBO TV Series True Blood.

Why he’s worthy of  being our HOTW(hunk of the week: Something you probably didn’t know is that he’s not just a pretty face…and chest…and ok abs too–butt. Reeeeeeeally nice butt.  There! I said it are you happy? You twisted my arm! Anywho, he’s also this super talented writer, and he wrote/directed a short film called Att döda ett barn(English title: “To Kill a child”). It sounds morbid but he won awards for it. The Blowholes value talent even if no one thinks we have any(BTW Mike, Heather, & Thomasa are very talented in my opinion).

Where you Can See Him Next: As Alex in Trust Me(2010)


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