The “Useless” Shopping Post

August 19, 2012

Whilst browsing my extensive collection of unsorted bookmarks, I realized that i’ve done a lot of shopping posts on here, but none geared towards useless purchases.  Those are the kinds that we have the urge to make the most anyway right? You know the kind I mean; smart phone holders that look like toilets, shoe shaped tape dispensers, hats for our pets, knives that can cut through penny’s… we don’t really need these things, but we can’t help want random crap.

That being said..


Magical Unicorn Mask-$28.95 by Accoutrements

Honestly I have no need for a unicorn mask at this time or in the unforeseeable future, and yet I can’t help stifle the urge to buy this and perhaps walk around  Walmart.

They make it look so fun in this photo too.

Zach and Zoey Dog Hoodie-$9.95

Zach and Zoey Dog Hoodie-$9.95

If your cat has been livin the thug life, but fails to master the “swag” look that you’ve always desired– now is your chance.  According to the site, not only does this hoodie come in many colors, but  it’s super warm; never mind that your cat probably has fur and doesn’t actually need it.

If you really want your pet look like Eminem, there’s also this authentic cat scratch.

Suck UK Cat Scratch-$39.95

Suck UK Cat Scratch-$39.95



There needs to be something for everyone, and that includes the outdoorsy folk. The Vessel is a coat/backpack/tent invented by Justin Gargasz. My question is… where was this thing during the Hunger Games?

That’s all for now. I’m going to go Google more uselessness ;).

St. Patty’s Shopping Post

March 12, 2012

Here goes a St. Patrick’s Day themed shopping post. I just like to pretend I’m Irish…

Bamboo:Four-leaf clover coasters $29.95 by RileysCorner. Found on Etsy.

Marquis by Waterford crystal Vintage Highball Set of 4 $28.99

Handcrafted Irish claddagh ring by 925sliverttreasures $44.99 found on Etsy.

Funny Leprechaun Shirt by CrazyDogTShirts $16.99. Found on Etsy.


Click the images to learn more about each item.

Gift Ideas For A Friend (Girl)

December 16, 2011

Picking out gifts for your gal friends can be tough, especially when you are on a budget.  Try getting a few smaller items and tying them together with a ribbon and pretty tissue paper to fill in the space.

For you're friend with a quirky side! click on the image to go to The Blod Banana's site

Canvas Tote Bag - Mustache Collection Print on a Natural Canvas Bag by The Bold Banana

Thinking heart by Mission Thread

Squirrel & Acorn Bamboo Studs by Tiger and Hare

Postmug™ by Baily Doesn't Bark : You can customize this mug on your own!

savannah body cream by Rain Africa


Having Trouble Finding Gifts?

December 16, 2011

By all rights this season of all the seasons, is a time where people should be able to be with each other and not have to worry about money and shopping.  I mean …I could be wrong, but I thought that was the original intention of the holiday season?  Over time though, well intended yule tidings have lost their edge and the Holidays have become more of a gift giving time.

Unfortunately, I am one of those nutty people that run around looking for  a “perfect” gift for someone, then spazz when I can’t find anything at all.  Many people say that “friends and family will love whatever you get them”, but I usually ignore those people.  So, if you are having as much trouble as I am, maybe I can help you out.  I will be compiling a few shopping posts directed towards different loved ones.  Oh, and reasonably priced of course.

Kind of A Shameless Plug

November 21, 2011

I say kind of because I want to give a shout-out to a store, that although I do not own it,  has recently started selling some of my handmade stuff.

Owl and Thistle General Store, located at 720 Franklyn Ave, Brooklyn, NY.  The store contains green, local, fair and direct trade products.  These products include some really quirky items like humorous cards, funky shaped soaps, candles, key chains, jewelry, food, and clothing. Click Here to see more.

In Honor of…Well, You Know

July 16, 2011

We have a couple of real Potter-heads here at the Blowhole, so for us, and many of you out there, today started out with monumental excitement followed by a super downward slope of depression. Post Potter depression–the worst kind.  All we can do is scrape together any reminders we can find until Pottermore is open, or J.K. creates a Potter encyclopedia.  I’ve put together a Harry Potter theme shopping post in honor of today. Note: these items are not official HP items, they are just things that remind me of the world of the books.

Trees Company Earrings: From Modcloth

Owls should be an obvious reference.  These little Earrings can be found at Modcloth

Fab-fetti Heel: Modcloth

Can’t you see Luna rock’n these heels? You can find them at Modcloth.


Snake Ring: by beyondtherockz

Snake ring found on Etsy by beyondtherockz

Brass Hour Glass Sand Timer Pendant: By GwenDelicious

    Brass Hour Glass Pendant by: GwenDelicious

TTMMS #9 No line at checkout

May 7, 2011

We’ve all been there…walmart, cart full of crap…tired feet…tired brain…just ready to go home when you realize you not only have to load this stuff in the car but then unload it again at home!

So, what ‘s better when you’re in this state of shopping hell then lucking out and catching a checkout lane what is completely empty..Better yet a fresh young cashier opening a line and giving you that friendly wave to come on over and become best buds? Yeah it’s good to be first.

})i({ Thomasa

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