In Honor of…Well, You Know

July 16, 2011

We have a couple of real Potter-heads here at the Blowhole, so for us, and many of you out there, today started out with monumental excitement followed by a super downward slope of depression. Post Potter depression–the worst kind.  All we can do is scrape together any reminders we can find until Pottermore is open, or J.K. creates a Potter encyclopedia.  I’ve put together a Harry Potter theme shopping post in honor of today. Note: these items are not official HP items, they are just things that remind me of the world of the books.

Trees Company Earrings: From Modcloth

Owls should be an obvious reference.  These little Earrings can be found at Modcloth

Fab-fetti Heel: Modcloth

Can’t you see Luna rock’n these heels? You can find them at Modcloth.


Snake Ring: by beyondtherockz

Snake ring found on Etsy by beyondtherockz

Brass Hour Glass Sand Timer Pendant: By GwenDelicious

    Brass Hour Glass Pendant by: GwenDelicious

Shoppin’ Post. Hazzah!

July 13, 2010

Why? Because I felt like it. Could I have done a post on something else? Probably, but I was in the mood to browse, and annoy Mike with a shopping post. Did you like that little ‘mini answer the imaginary viewer’s imaginary questions session’? good stuff.

Too Hot to Handlebar Mug in Maurice

This is the too hot to handlebar Mug in Maurice. This un-trimmed mug can be purchased from Modcloth.

Whoopie Pies by Sarah Billingsley and Amy Treadwell

You can make whoopie pies all day with this cook book! Click on the image for more info.

Lego Walkie Talkie

To me cell phones have not made walkie talkies obsolete. I would rock a walkie anyday.  You can buy these bad boys here from Urban Outfitters.

White Whale Scrabble Pendant by HelpTheGulfCoast

aw come on , you know I had to add an item with a blowhole, and when you buy this little guy you help save the gulf! This item is sold by a shop on etsy called Help The Gulf Coast. According to their site all of the merchandise was donated from other etsy shops, and 100% of the proceeds go to saving the gulf! Yayness!

Fun Finds

April 16, 2010

On occasion I like to do a shopping post, and since I know Mike(Michael) is not a fan of long posts about girlie clothes, I thought I would do one on some unique items.

Cake Winner Bake Pan

What appears to be a giant pb&j sandwich is actually a sandwich shaped cake! You can make one of your very own with this sandwich shaped cake pan from!

Uni-Corn Holder Set

As if there was any other way to eat corn.  You can purchase these divine equine corn holders from Urban Outfitters.

Toy Rubber Band Shooter

Not only is this an awesome rubber band(gum-band if you’re from western PA) but it’s also a key-chain and a pen! go figure. You can purchase this at

Beluga Butter Dish

I think this speaks for its self, and since this is the Daily Blowhole I believe this is a justified addition to this post. You can find this butter dish on

Just a Squirrel Tryin To Get a Nut

February 24, 2010

Here is another reason why I love ModCloth.

I would buy these if I actually bothered to put my earrings in; therfore, it’s up to you, Heather or Thomasa to purchase this finery.

Do not…disapoint me…


Flippin Fun Fall Fashion

October 29, 2009

How do you like that alliteration? Those who know me will agree that I don’t dress very fashionably, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t look at clothes and wish I would make the effort  to get dressed up. That being said, it is time for another round of awesome items i found online–in this case clothes. Lets start with Etsy shall we?

Satin Royal Blue and Black Lace Party Dress - The Sabrina

Satin royal blue and black lace party dress by paulnkc - click image to visit site

 I love the color of this dress.

Tulip Dress

Tulip Dress by sarahseven - click image to go to site

I love love love love love…love SarahSeven’s dresses! Someday when I actually get another job, im going to buy one of these. 

Whale Hoody- Unisex- Mens- Womens

Whale Hoody- Unisex- Mens- Womens by charlieandsarah - click picture to go to site






     This hoodie is full of blowhole goodness.

One of a Kind - Delicate Nude Tiered Gown - M

One of a Kind - Delicate Nude Tiered Gown - M by prizysebastian - click image to go to site


    once again if I had the money i would buy this.


Moveing on to ModCloth another great clothing site:

Rainy Monday Dress

Rainy Monday Dress

                                               Simple yet cute.

Strike a Chord Dress

Strike a Chord Dress

Nouvelle Vague Black Pumps

Nouvelle Vague Black Pumps

 Well thats all for now, I might dabble in some vintage later 🙂






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