Fear of the things you make

November 30, 2012

essentially that people won’t like the things you make and by extension not like you. Ever feel like that? This video has gone viral over this month and tons of people have responded. What do you think? Do you often have a hard time making or doing the things you love because you’re concerned that other people won’t like or understand it and that because of  that they might no longer like or understand you? What keeps you from just doing the things you like to do without worry or fear?


I have been watching this on repeat for days!

January 9, 2011

I love Charlie! Charlieissocoollike, who I did a post about awhile back, here, has an album out! It’s called this is me and it been out for a little while now; you can get it here at DFTBA Records, if you so desire. Regardless, I just wanted to share this song with you guys. I absolutely love it for it’s random silliness and brilliant animation.

If you like silly songs like this one go get the album or just buy a shirt or something to support DFTBA Records which signs only Youtube artists.

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Youtube Spotlight:Charlieissocoollike

June 27, 2010

Hello Ladies and Gents.  Welcome to another edition of The Daily Blowhole’s Youtube Spotlight where we discuss the cool, the weird, and the talented of the Youtube Universe. So who’s the cutie with the pillow on his head? Meet Charlie McDonnell. Charlie is a 19 year old English blogger/Youtube celebrity from Bath.

Charlie McDonnell created the youtube channel Charlieissocoollike which currently has over 350,000 regular viewers and is the #1 most subscribed Youtube channel from the United Kingdom. He started posting  videos on Youtube in April 2007 and quickly rose to over 4,400 subscribers within a month. Since then that number has grown to over 455,000 subscribers, with thousands more added on a daily basis. On his channel, Charlie posts vlogs and music videos; he does challenges from his viewers which explains his most notable feature, the red hair and at the end of each video a voice says “You have just had the almost imponderable joy of watching Charlieissocoollike, which makes you like cool.”

Charlie is also a blogger and you can find his blog at http://charliemcdonnell.com, which he calls his “Proper Website”.

So just in case I missed anything i’ll let Charlie answers some questions about himself now.

Along with his vlogging  activities Charlie McDonnell is also a musician and  a member of Chameleon Circuit (click link for CD info), a band that writes and preforms songs inspired by the popular TV show Doctor Who. Charlieissocoollike plays the guitar, the ukulele, and the melodica and  is working on a solo album.

“Duet with Myself” is currently Charlieissocoollike’s most viewed video with 2,192,676 views and your about to see why. It’s a little look into a teenaged boy’s mind, insecurity, and heart.

So what is it that I like so much about Charlie? No matter what tragedy befalls my day and no matter what’s bothering me Charlie’s videos make me smile. He’s cute, funny, witty,  and so unbelievably entertaining. When i’m watching him everything is ok and come on the accent is adorable! So you have just had the almost imponderable joy of learning about Charlieissocoollike which makes you like cool so go watch, like, comment, and subscribe.

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