Blowhole Hunk of the Week #70 Eddie McClintock

July 31, 2012

Hunk of the Week 70 Eddie McClintock

Where You may have seen him:

Eddie McClintock stars on Syfy’s hit Television series Warehouse 13, back as of July 23 for its fourth season, as Pete Lattimer. Pete is the big brother everybody wishes they had. he’s always hungry, hilarious, and heartfelt. In a world where artifacts make things go wrong on a daily basis it’s good to have someone you can laugh in the face of danger with. If you haven’t seen this show I highly suggest you tune in.

Eddie is your hunk of the week #70..

Hunk of The Week #69: Matt Barr

June 6, 2012


A charming southern gent, this weeks hunk is currently known for his role on the HBO miniseries Hatfields & McCoys.

Where you’ve seen him: One Tree Hill, The House Bunny, Harper’s Island, Friday Night Lights, Hellcats, Seven Below.

Where you can see him now:Hatfields & McCoys as Johnse Hatfield (it’s really good trust).

Hunk of the Week: Peter Dinklage

May 28, 2012

Yes. That’s right. This weeks Hunk is a  “Lannister” or plays one at least.

Mr. Peter Dinklage–talented actor, award winner and master of the line quip, is our hunk for one very important reason…dude is awesome!   In his work and in his interviews; here is a really great article featuring Dinklage in the NY Times which illustrates just how awesomesauce he is.

Where You’ve Seen Him: (Just in case you’re TV-less and don’t know)

The Station Agent, Threshhold, Penelope, Death at a Funeral, 30Rock, Game of Thrones..just to name a few

Where You Can See Him Next:

Knights of Badassdom, A Case of You

Hunk of The Week #67: Tom Hiddleston

May 11, 2012

 I know I Know, our Hunks and babes of the week have not been that weekly of late, and I sincerely apologize for that my dear friends.  The Blowhole bloggers have been held up by the activities of everyday mundane life, but worry not, summer is coming and hopefully more free-time for all!

This weeks/months hunk is brought to you by the letter A.  Now if you’re thinking  A as in Awesomely pretty eyes that is one positive about our hunk, but not quite what I was looking for.  Astronomically talented? True, but still not it.  Sexy A** cheeks in “The Deep Blue Sea? Yes, but how about A as in “Avengers”, which has already made 8 million since it opened last weekend.

Tom Hiddleston plays the villain Loki in this weeks box office butt-kicker.  Hiddleston is no newbie to acting, just one to fame, you can see him in  films such as Unrelated, Archipelago, Thor, Midnight in Paris, The Deep Blue Sea, and War Horse.  Next up he will be playing Prince Hal in Henry IV.

Hunk of The Week #66: Michael Fassbender

March 7, 2012

     Michael Fassbender, or Fassi as his fans call him, is a incredibly talented actor, and of course this weeks HOTW.  You may have seen him over the years in such blockbusters as: 300,Inglourious Basterds, Jane Erye, X-men First Class, and A Dangerous Method . Recently, Fassbender garnered much attention for his performance in the film Shame, which he was nominated for a BAFTA and several other awards.  His future credits include the much anticipated sci-fi flick Prometheus and Twelve Years a Slave, where he will be reuniting with Shame Director Steve McQueen.

Why is he our hunk? Well, besides being crazy talented and having an uber sexy smile…I’d have to say it’s the ginger beard . What can I say it’s is my kryptonite.

You can see him now in the action film Haywire currently in theaters.

Hunk of the Week 65 Sidney Crosby

February 5, 2012

All hail the Hunk of the Week!! Bow down to the Hockey God that needs no introduction, no fancy proclamations, and no further adieu. Sidney Crosby! Even if you not a hockey fan, and you should be by the way, you probably know this guy. When he burst on the  pro hockey scene as a 18 year old new comer he wowed us with his speed, his agility, his charisma, and those abs.

He has matured into a superstar and one of the most valuable players to your, mine, our Pittsburgh Penguins! My only fault with Mr. Crosby is that he’s always hurt :(( Not his fault, but boy do the Pens need him. Sure we still have Former Hunk of the Week Kris Letang, Fleury, Malkin, yatta yatta but somehow the Pens don’t feel like the Pens for me without this hunky sport dude.

In his first year in the NHL he finished 6th in scoring with 120 points (39 goals, 63 assists). In the 2010 Olympics he was named the capital of team Canada in Vancouver and scored the game-winning goal in overtime. Though he has spent the majority of this season healing from a concussion he remains my favorite hockey player and overall athlete.

So, that’s your hunk of the Week–Sidney Crosby!


Hunk of The Week #64: James Murray

January 2, 2012

The Blowhole Hunk of the Week is a handsome bloke and talented actor James Murray.

Where you’ve seen him: Primeval, Chaos

Hunk of The Week #63: Michael C. Hall

November 27, 2011

It’s about that time again Blowholians.

This hunk of the week should be a pretty familiar pick.  I for one see his face at least once a day on the side of a bus, billboard, Facebook ad, or commercial spattered in blood.  If you have no idea what I am talking about, then there must be something much more interesting going on under rocks that no one is telling me about.

Anyways… Michael C. Hall is currently starring on the extremely popular Showtime series Dexter, where he plays a strangely likeable serial killer.  If you are a rock dweller as in the aforementioned paragraph, and do not know what Dexter is, maybe you have seen Six Feet Under, Gamer, Bereft, or Peep World?  This fellow is super talented and knows how to rock a ginger beard (seriously it looks good on him).

Where you can see him next (besides the obvious): To Appomattox

Hunk of the Week # 62 Josh Dallas

November 3, 2011

You may not know this face yet but I guarantee that is going to change. This week’s Hunk is

Josh Dallas AKA Prince Charming..Come on you can’t get more hunk of the week than that right.

Josh Dallas actually plays (Snow White’s) Prince Charming on Once Upon a Time, a show about classic characters doomed by a curse to never live out their happily ever afters by being stuck in an alternate universe…ours.

Josh has also been in Thor, CSI, and the upcoming movie Red Tails, in theaters January 20th.

Remember this gorgous face…it’s going places.

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Hunk of The Week #61: Patrick J. Adams

October 24, 2011

It seems like forever since the last time I post a hunk, but fear thee not my b-holes! I have for you a real up and comer of a hunk, Patrick J. Adams.

If you haven’t heard of him yet, chances are you probably will soon.  Adams is on the current USA hit Suits, which was recently renewed for a 2nd season.

You can also see him in the future on the new HBO series LUCK, alongside Dustin Hoffman.

If you’ve missed suits, you can watch full episodes at or on demand.  It is a pretty cool show, my friend would probably argue the validity of the experience-less lawyer plot line, but…. just watch the show it’s good.

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