This is romance?!

If you aren’t watching Crash Course on Youtube than you totally should be. Lets face it, the modern American educational system isn’t something to celebrate but there is a way you can educate yourself and for those like myself who are out of school and drowning in the so-called “real world” the hum drum of everyday can be mind-numbing. So keep learning.
I love this video because it calls into question something that we all just kind of accept as fact.
“Romeo and Juliet is the greatest love story ever written!”
Or some equivalent. Really?! If you break down the story to the bear bones its more of a tragedy of stupidity and poor decision making. Lots of life lessons like don’t lie or fake your own death, don’t kill anyone, or fall for a chick one night and marry her the next day- especially if she’s only 13.
Crash Course Romeo and Juliet

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