Tis The Season of Pumpkin Carving

One of my favorite things about Halloween, as I’m sure it is for many of you, is carving the pumpkin and roasting it’s most delicious seeds.  A bonus though, would be to receive a prize for all of your creative handy work  that went into painstakingly carving that mofo.  Fortunately along with pumpkin season nowadays comes carving contests, and quite a few of them actually.  I have compiled a list of the ones I could find still running so please submit away!  If you don’t win, do not fret; you can always email your photos to us at dailyblowhole@gmail.com and will post them for you on the site.

Hofbrauhaus contest (Pittsburgh) Oct15-Oct-31

This Old House contest (Online) Sep18-Oct-29

Blizzard Entertainment contest (Online) Oct11-Oct29

ANIME NEWS NETWORK contest (Online) ?-Nov2

GoErie.com contest (Online) Oct1o-Oct24

Gamespot (Online) ?-Oct30

A Beautiful Mess Blog (Online)-Oct29

Whole Latte Love (Online) – Oct29

If anyone knows of more contests please include them in the comments or email us.



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