Pinterest Is Legit

Ok, I’ll admit it…I have an addiction. Not to drugs. Not to sex. I have a Pinterest addiction–whew! there I said it. I pin in the wee hours of the morning, in the evening, when I should be doing work, even while on the toilet (ok the last one is a lie) and I Iove it. Sometimes when I don’t feel like Re-pinning, because ya know that just takes soooooo long, I will hit like so I can go back to it and re-pin it later. I ORGANIZE MY LIKES as if it were some very important task.  Pinterest is the holy grail of bookmarking because not only can you save links, images, recipes, crafts galore, you can foist your likes upon your friends and even perfect strangers.

The downside I will say… is that if you really like an item such as a dress, shoes, ring etc. that you have had bookmarked for a century, and you pin it, well…just be prepared for the possibly that it might get sold now that hundreds of thousands of people know about it. For the record I am talking about an item that is vintage or that you saw on Etsy, something that is one of a kind; department store or mass production items will be fine (trust. this has happened to me).

On a very very positive note, I must share my favorite thing about Pinterest. The recipes.  Usually the original post or article was pinned because it was written by an everyday person, not chef, trying to come up with a simple but tasty meal. So, it is safe to assume that the directions will be simple and hopefully quick. I tried one of them today and I am happy to tell you the results were excellent, and yes I re-pinned the recipe.

Here is a Pic I took:


click the image for the original recipe


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