Just a few thoughts I had this holiday weekend…

Thomasa L. Pridgen

One of those hard truths that we find kinda easy to ignore because it tempers the experience. No matter what you are doing, if you’re having fun someone is working.

Think about it. When you’re a kid you pull out each toy in your room, play with it for a half a second, and then throw it down for another one. You take a little nappy bye and when you wake up… presto! Everything is neat and nice and back on the shelf or in the toy bin. You’re ready to start all over without a thought to the mom, teacher, hey..maid if you got it like that, who had to clean that mess up.

When you’re a teenager, you bum 20 buck off the rents and go out to the mall with you’re friends.  You walk from store to store, flirt with the cute guy or chick behind the…

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