Hunk of the Week 65 Sidney Crosby

All hail the Hunk of the Week!! Bow down to the Hockey God that needs no introduction, no fancy proclamations, and no further adieu. Sidney Crosby! Even if you not a hockey fan, and you should be by the way, you probably know this guy. When he burst on the  pro hockey scene as a 18 year old new comer he wowed us with his speed, his agility, his charisma, and those abs.

He has matured into a superstar and one of the most valuable players to your, mine, our Pittsburgh Penguins! My only fault with Mr. Crosby is that he’s always hurt :(( Not his fault, but boy do the Pens need him. Sure we still have Former Hunk of the Week Kris Letang, Fleury, Malkin, yatta yatta but somehow the Pens don’t feel like the Pens for me without this hunky sport dude.

In his first year in the NHL he finished 6th in scoring with 120 points (39 goals, 63 assists). In the 2010 Olympics he was named the capital of team Canada in Vancouver and scored the game-winning goal in overtime. Though he has spent the majority of this season healing from a concussion he remains my favorite hockey player and overall athlete.

So, that’s your hunk of the Week–Sidney Crosby!



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