Having Trouble Finding Gifts?

By all rights this season of all the seasons, is a time where people should be able to be with each other and not have to worry about money and shopping.  I mean …I could be wrong, but I thought that was the original intention of the holiday season?  Over time though, well intended yule tidings have lost their edge and the Holidays have become more of a gift giving time.

Unfortunately, I am one of those nutty people that run around looking for  a “perfect” gift for someone, then spazz when I can’t find anything at all.  Many people say that “friends and family will love whatever you get them”, but I usually ignore those people.  So, if you are having as much trouble as I am, maybe I can help you out.  I will be compiling a few shopping posts directed towards different loved ones.  Oh, and reasonably priced of course.


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