Lemonade Love

When one thinks of a winter beverage, citrus is not typically the first that comes to mind.  Yet on occasion those warm weather cravings will sneak up on you–mine is lemonade.  Screw hot chocolate, forget eggnog, I fiend lemonade like it’s my job, so much you might even call me a bit of a connoisseur.

Ideally… the best lemonade is the kind you squeeze yourself; it’s the freshest and you can choose how it tastes.  Unfortunately making your own is the least cost effective; it’s something like five lemons to  cup or some such ridiculousness.  The next best thing is high quality store bought, which I have compiled a short list of.

#4. Tropicana Lemonade:  Not my favorite but soooo much more preferable over the sour aftertaste you get from minute maid.  Plus they make good OJ.

#3. Turkey Hill: Pretty fresh not overly sweet and overall has that natural lemonade taste to it. It still isn’t my number one, but it might be yours.

#2. Calypso Ocean Blue Lemonade: Calypso comes in a variety of flavors such as, Kiwi, GrapeBerry , and (my fav) Ocean Blue. This flavor is a nice balance between tart and sweet, and tastes like blue raspberry.

#1. Simply Lemonade: I can’t give you an exact reasoning for why this is my favorite that I have tasted so far, but I will say that it is somewhat addictive. hmmmmm.

What is your favorite lemonade? Post it in the comments section and if I can find it I will try it.  Maybe change my top three. Who knows?

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