Gross Moment

Tonight, while riding the subway, some serious natsti-facation went down..

I got onto the subway, as per usual, and grabbed a nearby pole; said pole was also being shared by a gruff looking rotund woman.  Well, there I was minding my own business, trying not to step on anyone’s feet or trip; when gruff woman suddenly lifts her pole hugging hand and wipes her face.  She then goes to place that same hand back onto the pole, but misfires and lands on my hand instead. Her hand is wet. HER HAND IS WET.  She then corrects herself and places her glistening sweaty hand back onto the actual pole.   She never apologizes, just stands there as I stare upon my hand in horror, at the osmosis that is probably taking place there.   I washed my hands three times when I got home.


This foul ass moment brought to you by the NYC subway

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