The Occupy Movement

Ok so i’ve been watching the news lately…wait, let me stop fibbing- i’ve been watching the Philip Defranco Show

Phil is pretty much how I get all my news because it’s the only form that doesn’t fully depress me.. anywhoo

I’m interested in what you all think about this “Occupy Wallstreet” thing. It’s spreading all over the world now and yet it still feels kind of  like a haphazard blockparty. I agree with the idea of protest. When things are not fair you should fight, not just for your rights but for the rights of everyone. But what is it exactly that this movement hopes to accomplish? What are the demands?

In all other protests and strikes ( at least the few I can think of off the top of my head) there was some clear bad guy–some unfair government or terrible dictator or unjust law; I think Newsies when I think of strikes and protests; God do I love that movie, Christian Bale in that movie absolutely rocks, but I digress.  Unfortunately, in this case what seems to be the ‘bad guy’ is the world that we have created for ourselves. No one and everyone is at fault yet almost everyone suffers. Plus, in the those cases there was a clear desired action that could solve the problem, Change the law, overturn the dictator, make the big boss stop over charging the little guy; here the answer, the necessary action, the solution, is more complex than that.

I do like to see some of the images coming out of this event– like this one.

It’s nice to see something besides people being beaten and such by the police.

So, yeah, the world kinda sucks right now and maybe this occupy movement is just peoples way of letting the big wigs know that things need to change even if no one is sure about how exactly to do that. Maybe coming together and talking about what is wrong makes us feel better even if nothing substantial comes from it. What do you think? Is there a point to the occupy movement? Are you one of the 99%?



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