Youtube Spotlight Meghan Tonjes

Oh yep you guessed it–it’s time for another roaring edition of the Daily Blowhole’s Youtube Spotlight. This time we feature renown Youtube musician Meghan Tonjes.

Meghan Tonjes, youtube channel name Tonjesml, is a talented  25 year old American Singer Songwriter from Michigan. She created her Youtube account in February 2006 and she currently has over 150,000 subscribers. She has uploaded over 370 videos to date and is known in the Youtube universe for her hauntingly beautiful original songs and (better than the original) covers. She posts a segment call Request Tuesday, where she takes suggestions from her audience for which covers she will perform next.

Her mashups or medleys are also pretty great.

Along with being pretty wicked on the acoustic guitar, she uses unconventional instruments to accent her songs and videos, things like a comb, a bottle of water, silverware, and a container of cookies.  Meghan’s talent hasn’t gone unnoticed in the non internet world either. She was featured on the Ellen Degeneres Show a little more than 7 months ago. She deserves the recognition because she is a person with pure talent and the voice of an angel.

She was signed to DFTBA Records, the  record label co-owned by Alan Lastufka and vlog brother Hank Green. Thanks to DFTBA Records many talented Youtbe Musicians, like Meghan Tonjes, now have the opportunity to produce and share their music on a much larger scale than they could have on their own.

Megan is just recently coming off of her fall tour but you can get her Debut Album “Be in Want” now on ITUNES.

In addition to her music, Meghan is the Monday member of Project Life Size, a Youtube collaboration channel for the celebration of full figured women and really just self acceptance and love. A place to be told that you are beautiful and to find other girls and women who have similar interests and become friends–aww ain’t that great! You should definitely check it out.

So you’ve just got your crash course in all things (or most things at least) Meghan Tonjes so go comment, like, subscribe, and share.



You can get her original albums here!

Or follow her:
Project Lifesize-
Second Channel-

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