Hunk of the weeks 51-60

Wow, have we b-holes been slacking as of late..It has been far too long since i’ve posted anything and I wholeheartedly apologize. No excuses.

So our last Hunk Chris Evans #50 was a whole 9 weeks ago…yeah sorry..

So here are the 9 guys I’ve been crushing on lately and our lucky hunk for this week.

51. 52.+53. The Jonas BrothersYeah, I said it! I LIKE THEM. They are cute and their music isn’t terrible original or anything but they have a certain something that makes them interesting to watch. Their pants are embarrassingly too tight and they have better hair than me so they probably take hours in the bathroom but I still like them. I don’t know if the rumors are true about Joe batting for the other team but really I don’t care. He’s awesome- they’re awesome. Deal with it.

I should be nicer huh–with me owing you and all. OK. Sorry.

54. Chad Michael Murry– He was on the CW drama One Tree Hill and stared opposite Hilary Duff in A Cinderella Story and opposite pre-crazy Lindsey Lohan in Freaky Friday. And though I don’t think he can pull off the cute popular guy in High School anymore he has grown into one hunky man, who is now accepting hunky adult man roles–cheers to you Chad.

55. Alex Pettyfer– Haven’t see I Am Number Four–See it. You might not like it but this guy makes it worth the watch.

56. Kellan Luts– OK so I’m not a huge Twilight fan like I’ve said in the past but I do approve of the casting for the movies because they are just swimming with hunky guys to drool over. Kellan plays Emmett Cullen and he is that kinda all-American, football, and jocky dude that makes it OK to love America.

57. + 58. and hell let’s throw 59. in there too- The Guys of ABC Family’s Drama “Switched at Birth”Sean Berdy (Emmett), Austin Butler (Wilke) and Lucas Grabeel (Toby).  I have absolutely fallen for this show. It makes me want to learn sign language and be more tolerant of people who are different from me.

Sean Berdy is actually a deaf actor from Florida and he kills his role as the deaf James Dean, Emmett. – He plays the drums, rides a motorcycle, and is a very talented photographer- hot hot hot. Plus Sean played Sammy in Sandlot 2 and I loves me some Sandlot!

Austin Butler stared in Aliens in the Attic, Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure with Mike’s dream girl Ashley Tisdale, and tons of small roles in TV shows. In his role as Wilke he’s the bad boy best friend of Grabeel’s character Toby. Together they lose thousands of dollars in gambling parties, steal test answers from school and sell them to their classmates at $1,000  a pop, and rock out in their own band. Always kinda liked bad boys–who doesn’t.

Lucas, with High School Musical fame, has transitioned well into his role as Toby, a guy who finds out his sister isn’t really his sister and his real sister is deaf.  Though the bulk of the drama focuses on the switched at birth scenario Lucas shines  in the drama associated with his role. You go Ryan!


Charles Michael Davis– OMG–this is the guy on the show I’d most like to be with. I was beginning to see too much of a type in the post so I had to change it up a little with this hunk. Charles plays Liam on the show the ex-boyfriend of one switched at birth sister and the new boyfriend of the other sister—drama of course. Who wouldn’t fight over him. He fades out of the show after only about 4 episodes but he will never fade from our hearts. It’s in the eyes–you got to see a pic of his eyes close  up. Love him.

And finally–Drum Roll Please—Our Hunk of the Week #60 Justin Timberlake

I will spare you the fangirl scream because honestly I wasn’t and am not currently a JT fangirl..shocker right. I didn’t really like Justin until he went solo and started staring in movies like The Social Network, Bad Teacher, Friends with Benefits and Alpha Dog. I liked the boyband thing as much as any chick who grew up in the 90’s but i’m impressed and overjoyed with how JT advanced beyond his boyband fame. He’s everywhere! He sings, writes, produces, acts, and anything else he decides he want to do. He is literally the most successful member of that whole boyband era. Plus he went from a very cute curly haired guy to a smoking hot hunk who has dated some of the most beautiful women ever–not just models, not just in Hollywood, in the world! Way to go Justin!

So there you have it–all the hunks you’ve been craving these last few weeks.

But I can’t leave just yet–it feels wrong. I know..

Does this not look completely awesome!? I will be there to see this movie opening day at the theaters. I love that they’ve done some old Hollywood technique of combining some the actors and character of recent comic book movies and putting them all together. The budget must have been ridiculous! I have a feeling Old Dog with New Tricks Hunk of the week 4 Robert Downey Jr. is going to steal the show as the wiseass Iron Man.

OK, now I’m done:)


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4 Responses to Hunk of the weeks 51-60

  1. Nicole says:

    Thanks for doing a slew of hotw’s

  2. Michael says:

    Being mentioned in a HOTW post makes me a HOTW by default.

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