Nook vs. Book


 I know the instant downloading of novels onto a Nook or a Kindle is kind of old news, but I just want to know from you, what are you for?

Personally I prefer my good old book to that new fandangled technology anyday. Mostly because I like the physical presence of a book in my hand. It makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something, because I can actually feel the pages turning. Plus, there’s the idea of collections. I used to collect rocks, stickers, and all kinds of things when I was younger, including books. My bookshelves would be pretty empty if I didn’t have them. So tell me what you think.


3 Responses to Nook vs. Book

  1. TheeWriter says:

    I pick book pretty much because i’m a relic also and i can’t afford a nook lol

  2. Michael says:

    I don’t seem to have much of a preference these days. I’ve had a Kindle for about a year and a half and it collected dust for the first year of that because I had trouble adapting to it. I have a habit, when reading regular books, of counting the remaining number of pages in a chapter as I’m reading it and you can’t do this with a Kindle. So I had to get past that little quirk of mine. Now that I’ve read a few books on the Kindle, I don’t mind it. It’s ideal for vacations because otherwise I would take a half a dozen books with me just so A.) I couldn’t run out of stuff to read, and B.) so that I could take a variety in case I was in the mood for something different. With a Kindle, I don’t have to do that because I can just buy any book I’m interested in whenever I’m in the mood to read it. However, I still enjoy the feel of a regular sized paperback. I’m not as crazy about mass market paperback and hardcover is my least favorite format. It may look the best lined up on my shelves, but they are the least comfortable format to read, IMO. I also recently tried reading on my iPad via their Kindle app. I always thought I would hate it. The benefit of the Kindle over most other ebook readers is that its e-ink technology uses no backlight or tradtional screen traits so it doesn’t strain your eyes. Plus it is small and pretty lightweight. I figured reading on the iPad would be the opposite of all of that, but it wasn’t too bad. I just had to dim the screen considerably. So as of late it has simply come down to a case of which can I get cheaper: the regular paperback edition or the Kindle edition?

  3. Nicole says:

    I would have to agree with Mike on the Pros and Cons of Paperback and e-book. I want to add saving trees as a pro for e-readers, but I like the smell of books, so that would be a pro for books.

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