Guess Who!!

Heather Dawn Vitous is back on the blog, Bitches!!!

I spent a lot of time away from the Blowhole and as of late I’ve been getting an ankering to come back. So here I am. I’d like to take this time to apologize to our viewers, who probably don’t remember me (my fault not yours), for my hiatus. This may come as a major shock to my fellow blowholes, which I miss and love dearly. I’m sorry for my absence. I’ll never leave again for unknown reasons. Next time I’ll have a real excuse, like my dog ate my brain and I can’t think anymore or a good friend of mine ran off with a orangutan and I need to stop her/him.

Now that I’ve taken this post and made it complete crap, I’ll just say this: I’m Here, I’m Queer, Deal with it. Haha.

*Not really queer, sorry:( if I offend.

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