Youtube Spotlight: Gregory Brandt

Hello dudes and dudettes and welcome to another addition of The Daily Blowhole’s Youtube Spotlight, where we discuss the cool, the popular, and the weird of the Youtube universe! Today we’re going to switch things up a bit. Usually we talk about some big name Youtubers here at the Youtube Spotlight, but Youtube consists of lots of talented people making videos and sharing their lives with us, people who make great content without all the recognition.

Today’s spotlight will shine, hopefully very brightly, on one such Youtuber :Gregory Brandt.

Gregory is a writer from Austin Texas. He graduated from the University of Texas School of Journalism in May 2010. He joined the Youtube family in October 2007.

Gregory’s videos have a distinct style that’s cultivated from the lack of owning a video camera. Imagine that, a film maker without a video camera. Instead of foregoing his video making goals, Mr. Brandt decided to find a different and more creative way in which to tell his stories.

Aside from the way his tells his stories, the stories themselves are what makes Gregory worthy of being featured here. He and his brother had a very rough childhood and he bravely shares some of those experiences with his viewers.


When Gregory Brandt was in 9th grade he dropped out of high school and began selling newspaper subscriptions door to door. I think he can tell you this story better than I can.

Newpaper Kids-

Valentines Day-

As you listen to him, you’re forced to realize that as deeply sad as some of his experiences are, he has formed a strong sense of self and a sense of humor which is easy to relate to and rut for. Where some people would have given up he,  instead, kept striving for better. He graduated college and currently does Sunday night Monologue readings “O Dark 30” for in Austin), he’s written his first nonfiction book that will be available later this year, and he plans to do daily vlogs once he gets a video camera.

What really makes these videos interesting to watch is the fact that even if you’ve never gone to community college, been in jail, or gotten messed up on Mescaline you can imagine you have. It’s like sitting down with a friend as he tells you what happened to him this week. It’s real.

So, you’ve just gotten your crash course in all things Gregory Brandt. Please watch, like, subscribe and enjoy. If you want to help support a struggling author go to his website and donate if you can.

~ Thomasa })i({

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