In Honor of…Well, You Know

We have a couple of real Potter-heads here at the Blowhole, so for us, and many of you out there, today started out with monumental excitement followed by a super downward slope of depression. Post Potter depression–the worst kind.  All we can do is scrape together any reminders we can find until Pottermore is open, or J.K. creates a Potter encyclopedia.  I’ve put together a Harry Potter theme shopping post in honor of today. Note: these items are not official HP items, they are just things that remind me of the world of the books.

Trees Company Earrings: From Modcloth

Owls should be an obvious reference.  These little Earrings can be found at Modcloth

Fab-fetti Heel: Modcloth

Can’t you see Luna rock’n these heels? You can find them at Modcloth.


Snake Ring: by beyondtherockz

Snake ring found on Etsy by beyondtherockz

Brass Hour Glass Sand Timer Pendant: By GwenDelicious

    Brass Hour Glass Pendant by: GwenDelicious


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