10 things I learned from Secretariat

Ten Things I learned from Secretariat

1. Sometimes it really pays to do your homework.

2. 8 million dollars is a lot of money but if you can hold out for more do it.

3. Every system with a book of rules has loopholes.

4. If you’re makin horses your business make sure to check them out before your big races.

5. Don’t blame the horse, it’s usually not the horse’s fault.

6. A jockey is taller if he stands on his wallet.

7. Hippies are people too!

8. Know your limits and the limits of everyone around you and then push them. Also a little smack talking goes a long way.

9. If you have to bet on someone, bet on yourself.

10. In the end all you can do is run your race, run as fast and as hard as you can.

})i({ Thomasa

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