TTMMS# 13 People who wear socks with sandals

With the weather finally making it’s turn around in this part of the world people all around are breaking out the sunblock, summer dresses, shorts, and socks?

Nothing makes me smile and want to laugh more than seeing some one walking down the street with knee high tube socks and sandals. I never understood the mental process it takes to put the two together.

“It’s so nice today I think i’ll wear my PSU tee-shirt, these cameo shorts, and my sandals but wait can’t forget the socks!”

Maybe it’s just me but i love summer and one of the main reasons is foot freedom, walking barefoot in the sand at a beach, showing off the tattoo, anklets, toe rings, and cute pedicures. Even so socks with sandals make me smile.

})i({ Thomasa

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