TTMMS #6 Parades

Giant floating cartoon characters, people in costumes, vintage cars, and kids chuckin candy at you : it’s got to be a parade. All the really big important holidays get them because when the celebration is big you have to take it to the streets! Parades may not hold the same awesome status place as fireworks but they’re up there.

Holiday parades are great but the one parade i will always think of when i think “parade” will be the gay pride parade i went to in San Fransisco with my cousin when i was 14 years old. There were rainbow flags everywhere, cross dressers, naked people streaking(WTF), and a honest bum with a sign that said “please give me money for my whiskey!” I was young enough that everything looked really cool but old enough to know i shouldn’t be there.

Before i die i want to bring in New Years in Times Square and watch the ball drop live and in person (so to speak) That may not be a parade but it’s hella close.When the cars start passing with the goofy signs on the back i can’t help but smile.

})i({ Thomasa


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