TTMMS#4 Text messages from people you havent heard from in a while

Today I was just hanging out at home when out of no where my cell rings..New message. Now i immediately think Mom, Tre, maybe Mike or Kristy, it could even be Melissa or Matt but no… i’m thrown for a complete loop. It’s Tab! I haven’t heard from this crazy girl since this time last year. Her cell number changed and i figured i may never hear from her again. Growing up, i’ve become use to people coming in and out of my life. I’ve made peace with the idea that i might never see certain people again but when i got this text i was too overjoyed to speak.

“Hey this is tab how u been?”

Tab was one of the first people i met when i transferred to Cal, right after Heather. We were pretty inseparable and when it came time for me to leave i knew she would be one of those people i would always remember.

I’ve noticed that people kind of go though phases. Sometimes i’ll talk to certain people every day for weeks and then not hear from them for months. With some it’s out of sight out of mind and i only hear from them when we spend alot of time around each other. The great thing about a cell phone is no matter how long it’s been- if my number hasn’t changed- i can look forward to the random out of the blue text from someone who i haven’t talked to and we can instantly connect again. That makes me smile.

})i({ Thomasa


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