TTMMS #2 Sharing a bed with someone you love

Sometimes it’s nice to have a room to yourself or even a house or an apartment to yourself. You can not do the dishes for days or leave your dirty clothes on the floor without questioning eyes or turned up noses. Sometimes though it’s nice to have someone to share your space with.

This leads me to today’s thing that makes me smile- Sharing a bed with someone you love.

I don’t just mean a significant other, i mean anyone you love: friends, family members, pets. Sleeping with someone else there is an ultimate expression of trust because when are you more vulnerable then when you’re fast asleep? Usually, at home, there is no need to share beds because everyone has their own but when the opportunity presents it’s self there is no better feeling then waking up next to someone you care about. So being able to share a bed is something that makes me smile.

})i({ Thomasa

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