Things that make me smile

Ok, i need a new segment. I loved writing the youtube reviews and i still may do them from time to time but it’s time for a change and those things are long and time consuming and i just don’t have that time anymore so instead i’m starting “Things that make me smile”

The world is having some issues right now. Tornadoes, earthquakes, Nuclear meltdowns…yea it’s heavy and in these stressful times we need to focus, every now and again, on the things that are still good, happy, and awesome. So i’ll aim to make this daily but it will be at least weekly- One thing that makes me smile. One thing that makes me laugh or feel happy and content, as though all is right in the world. And i challenge you to leave your own “one thing” in the comments.

Today’ s thing: Grocery shopping-

Have you ever gone grocery shopping after not having been in a while and there just seems to be no food in the house? When you bring home those precious purchases and put them away the house just feels more complete and then you have that giddy feeling of having so many options for dinner. Not “What the hell am i going to eat?” but
“What will i eat first!?” Suddenly, going to look into the fridge isn’t an episode of “What can i make with ketchup, mustard, and marshmallow fluff?” Instead it’s a culinary adventure with Bobby Flay and Jesus.

The act of grocery shopping isn’t my favorite but that feeling after- that makes me smile.

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