Hunk of the Week 42 Channing Tatum

I’ve been wanting to bestow this yummy individual with the honor of being our hunk for a long time now and his time has definitely come. He young, fit, and oh so talented. He’s got that longing stair that makes you weak in the knees- ladies it’s Channing Tatum.

Even if you didn’t know his name, you might recognize him as “The dude from those dancing movies” as my brother recently called him. And boy can this boy dance! In the Step Up movies Tatum plays Tyler Gage a street dancer from Baltimore who is trying to rock the world of ballet in a ritzy performing arts school. The story isn’t earth shattering or ubber original but its a good time if you like music and dancing of course.

Recently Tatum has been stepping out of these “chick flick teen movie” roles for something more dramatic that an actor can sink his teeth into. He played leading roles in Dear John, Public Enemies(with hunk #32 Johnny F**kin Depp) G.I. Joe: Rise of the Cobra, Fighting, and most recently The Eagle. Plus, according to his IMDB page he’s got like three more movies coming out in the next year or so–busy guy.

Now i must make a confession. I have seen all of these movies and i watched 3 of them just because he was staring in them. The Eagle wasn’t really my cup of tea and there was a typo at the beginning which as a English person disturbed me (they have hundreds of eyes watching this and no one caught that) but Tatum was great in it.

Whether he’s the action hero or the leading male lover or just a guy in the team Channing Tatum is hard not to like–will he get an Oscar?  Well, here’s hoping.

So Hunk of the Week #42 Channing Tatum

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