City is Trapping and Killing Cats-Please Help

I’m from a small city where new business rarely happens, but back in February a new ordnance was passed–a cruel one.  Traps would be set out to catch cats, any cats caught in these traps who were not micro-chipped or collared would be euthanized.  Here’s the thing, not only are they euthanizing the strays BEFORE the 72hour time period, but they are also killing peoples pets even those wearing collars.  Alley Cat Allies tried to help and a Coalition For a Humane Monessen was formed, but officials will not have a sit down meet with them.  Those in charge of the Coalition attended a city meeting, and I watched as one of the council members struggled to stay awake during one of the Coalition leader’s speeches.  Today there was a rally with a meager turn out of about 35 people, so I’m asking for your help; please, anyone who has ever had a pet or has felt compassion for something read these articles and consider helping.

and here is a online petition that you can sign

For more ways to help contact the coalition here:

Thank you for your time. Trap Neuter Return (TNR) is right for Monessen.


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