The Wednesday Night Catfight #12: Catrific vs. Meekakitty

Whatcha think of the new graphics? Sooner or later I’m bound to run out of things I can do with Microsoft Paint. And what better way to celebrate new graphics than with a type of Babe we’ve never paid tribute to: the online kind. I must be stealing Thomasa’s schtick because both of this week’s selections are prominent Youtubers.

First up is Catrific. Real name: Catherine Valdes. Valdes’s oldest video dates back to May 1, 2008 and she has a current total of 152 videos on Youtube. She works for the popular social networking site Dailybooth and somehow managed to get Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore to participate in a music video to help promote the site. Impressive.

Next up is Meekakitty. Real name: Tessa Violet. Violet’s oldest video dates back to June 26, 2007. I smell a glitch afoot because that video is titled Hong Kong Day 12, so what happened to days 1-11? Anywho, her current video total is at 153 – they are neck and neck in this aspect! Her vlogs have included topics like her former modelling career, vacations with her mom, and all kinds of fun nerdiness. The first time I ever saw someone “clone” themselves on a Youtube was in this video and the bathroom scene blew my mind. ‘Twas also the first time I heard of author John Green so that’s highly noteworthy as well.

Both competitors are good chums and have appeared in eachother’s videos for years (ie. I didn’t research throoughly enough to get you an official date), as well as their Twitters and their Dailybooths and whatnots.

By the way, if you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to interact with lead B-hole, Nicole, just watch any meekakitty video, imagine her as an awkward italian, and add just a pinch more clumsiness.

So which would you choose? The choice is yours and yours alone!

3 Responses to The Wednesday Night Catfight #12: Catrific vs. Meekakitty

  1. TheeWriter says:

    Meekakitty of course..

  2. Jonathan says:


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