Real Life Food VS. Cartoon Snack-age

Every Saturday morning as a child I had a fiendish craving for an extra cheesy pizza, and it was all The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle’s fault. Their cartoon pizza’s made anything I was eating that morning look freeze dried in comparison. I mean Come on. The cheese was so melty, steamy, gooey, and the pepperoni was always sliding off.  All real life pizza, especially the quality of the cheese, doesn’t meet the ninja standard.  The Turtle’s pizza  is not the only cartoon delicacy that has raised the bar for my taste buds, and then dashed my hopes by not actually existing.  Example two; the Krabby Patty, brought to you by SpongeBob SquarePants.  Yes, I know a crab cake on a bun could be a Krabby Patty, but I know what a crab cake looks like and it looks nothing like a Krabby Patty(I realized it’s a cartoon). The meat of a Krabby Patty resembles a hamburger texture, but a crab cake just looks like breaded crab…. Anyway, the point is –crap I lost my point.  Oh yeah, my point is that food looks delicious in cartoons, and that makes my hungry and frustrated because they don’t exist.  One last thing…did anyone else really want ice cream after seeing Mr. Swirly’s hair on Doug?

Cartoon Food>Real Life


One Response to Real Life Food VS. Cartoon Snack-age

  1. Theewriter4hire says:

    Post about cartoon food..munches..LOL happy stoner day!

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