The Wednesday Night Catfight #11: Emma Roberts vs. Lucy Hale

Both Emma Roberts and Lucy Hale can be seen in this weekend’s newly released Scream 4. At least they’re no longer referring to it as Scre4m. I hate when Hollywood injects a number into a word. It makes no sense. I have a box set of the first three Scream movies that I purchased probably seven years ago, yet I’ve never actually watched them. I’ve never seen any of the first movie (though I remember it being a big deal to people back in fourth grade), but I’ve caught most, if not all, of the second and third movies on TV and figured I’d buy the set. I tended to do that a lot when I was in high school – blow money on DVD sets that I never got around to watching. I also have The Godfather boxed set which I’ve had even longer and I’ve only watched the first one, as well as the Indiana Jones trilogy and I’ve only seen the first 40 minutes of the first one, all of the third one, and I borrowed the fourth one from my uncle and saw all of it as well. Don’t worry, Temple of Doom. Your day will come. Case in point, all the promotion for the fourth Scream movie makes me want to sit down and watch the first three. Man, I’m really rambly this week…

BTW, I’ve been meaning to make some new graphics for this weekly “column” but I never remember to do it until it’s time to post and by that point I just want to do it as quickly as possible. Hopefully within the next few weeks I’ll have those. I actually toyed around with it some last week and I think I’m on to something.

So which would you choose? The choice is yours and yours alone!


2 Responses to The Wednesday Night Catfight #11: Emma Roberts vs. Lucy Hale

  1. Jonathan says:

    Emma Roberts!

  2. TheeWriter says:

    Must watch Indiana Jones! Loved love loves me some Jones 🙂 My dad’s fault. I have a whole list of movies i want to watch but i usually end up watching something new that just came out. I’m gonna say Emma, she pretty is a more innocent not skanky was,and because the other chick is from pretty little liars and she’s the one who is sleeping with her teacher and that bugs me lol.

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