Movie Review- The Source Code i just watched the source code and it’s one of those movies that makes you have to talk about it with someone as soon as the credits roll.

The idea behind the source code is pretty original for this modern movie making world. It’s not a sequel, based on a book/comicbook/videogame etc, or some other source material. Refreshing!

The source code, though using the somewhat old idea of time travel, puts a new spin on time and by including more modern touches makes the idea of time travel seem new altogether. It also plays on the idea of do-overs like a weird version of Groundhog Day. Though this is a scifi/action movie, it relies heavily on character development and a decent plot to make you really care about the characters and what happens to them. Add in some great explosions, blindsiding twists and turn, and a beautiful love story and you get the first movie to make me cry and cheer in years.

Unlike many movies of it’s genre, the source code doesn’t lean on CGI special effects to make the futuristic scenes believable but rather takes a somewhat futurecentric idea and bases it in a very “Now” world- which i personally thought was the right way to go. Jake Gyllenhall was amazing and the acting was spot on all around. Plus the ending was fulfilling and perfect. I loved every minute. I’d give this film a solid 5/5 or A-.

Watch it! Rent/buy/see this movie and i bet you won’t regret it.

})i({ Thomasa

In fact, i think i’m going to see it again.


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