Product Review: Yes To Carrots

No need for exposition in this post; the title should explain what this is, cruelty free product review part deux. The product being Yes To Carrots Hydrating Body Lotion with SPF 30.  I didn’t buy this item solely for this post, I simply needed some lotion, and after the first successful target trip I figured what the hell let’s try there again. On a scale of 1-5 5 being the best; I’d rate this product at about 3.5 almost very nearly a 4.  The smell is clean, it does what the package says takes care of dry skin, and is made of mostly all natural ingredients. There are only two things that I could see customers having issues with: #1 the thickness, which at first may weird you out, but remember these are natural ingredients so of course the texture is going to be a little different fro the norm.  In the end this works out to your benefit because a little will go a long way and the lotion will thin out once you rub it into your skin.  #2 issue is the main one one, at least for me, and that is the price.  In PA including tax I paid $16.00 for a 4.2oz bottle, keep in mind you only need a little bit for a large portion of your body, but with this economy the price can deter some people.  Overall I would buy it again.



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