Hunk of the Week 41 The Guys of Supernatural Part 3 Misha Collins

I feel almost privileged to tie up our three day Hunks of  Supernatural extravaganza with the guy that i saved for last because i personally think he doesn’t get nearly enough attention, Misha Collins.

Just take a moment and look at him, tell me that isn’t one hunky blue-eyed God. Misha plays the angel Castiel, who walks earth in the body of devote Christian Jimmy Novac. He may, in the process, destroy poor Jimmy’s life but it’s for a very important reason and with his permission. Castiel is the contact between the Winchesters and God. He helps them whenever possible and provides great insight into the Big Plan.Castiel is a very cold character. As an angel he isn’t down with human emotions but unlike most angels he sometimes doubts his orders from God and ends up not really fighting for heaven or hell but rather the humans he has come to respect. My favorite scene of his is when famine comes to town and he can’t stop eatting cheeseburgers.

Misha Collins, born Misha Dmitri Trippen Krushnic (i’m not making that up: what a mouth full),  took a very different route into the acting arena. He had a normal non-acting childhood, graduated high school, went to the University of Chicago where he major in Social Theory, and earned an internship with the Clinton White House Office of Presidential Personnel  where he worked for six months before deciding politics wasn’t really for him.

He started an education software company and took up small modeling and acting gigs as a way to support his efforts. He realized pretty quickly that he didn’t really like running the software company but loved acting so he made the switch. He landed guest roles on many TV shows before getting the role of Castiel in 2008.

This guy is my guy. Out of all the Supernatural hunks he’s the one I most relate to and wish I was more like. Misha is a published poet; he spent time in a Buddhist monastery in Nepal where he took a vow of silence; he built his own home and most of the furniture in it; he and his followers have started a charity called Random Acts, which performs random acts of kindness, and donated over $30,000 to Unicef for Haiti earthquake relief last year. Check them out at .

Misha Collins is hot inside and out which is why he is our hunk of the week 41 part 3.

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