Hunk of the Week 41 The Guys of Supernatural Part 2 Jared Padalecki

Welcome to day and part 2 of The Guys of Supernatural.

Supernatural needed a character that could be corrupted. Dean wasn’t the guy for the job because he lacked the innocence to begin with but his little brother Sam was perfect. In the character Sam we get a sweet guy nextdoor who isn’t as happy about the job that lies ahead of him and his brother. Sam is more the kid in the family who doesn’t quite fit and knows it. Throughout the series Sam falls deeper and deeper into a strange addiction which leads him into not always being the most trustworthy of guys. That element of danger massively uped his cool points and sex appeal. Sam is the computer nerd whose hero is Gandhi and who’s afraid of clowns. He  is the character that gives the show hope for good in a world of evil.

Sam is portrayed by Jared Padalecki. Jared started taking acting lessons when he was twelve and when he graduated he moved to LA to pursue his acting career. In 2000 he landed the role of, get this, Dean on the WB’s Gilmore Girls.  He was the youngest and 4th tallest person on set at just 18 and 6’4. When the show ended in 2005, he landed the role as Sam on Supernatural.

It’s likely that the reason Jared and his co-star Jensen Ackles can portray the bonds of brotherhood so while on the screen is because they are real life best friends. Jensen was even one of the groomsmen at Jared’s wedding last February.

So, second only because of numbers but still number one in our hearts, Jared Padalecki

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