Blowhole Hunk of the Week 41 The Guys of Supernatural Part 1 Jensen Ackles

You know whats worse than someone not calling you and not returning your messages for weeks? Someone who makes excuses for where they’ve been all those weeks. So, I’ll just say sorry for my absent and to make it up to you here’s a whole three days of the smoking hot dudes of The CW’s Supernatural, on me. You don’t have to thank me, really.

Supernatural wouldn’t be the amazing show that it is without it’s cast of supernaturally hot guys. Anyone who watches this show knows that the Winchester brothers are easy on the eyes, especially our first Supernatural Hunk Jensen Ackles, also know as older brother Dean Winchester.

As is sometimes a problem, it’s hard to separate the man from the character but i’ll try. Dean is a kick butt and take names man’s man with a good heart and a slightly messy track record with the ladies. His two major loves are bacon cheeseburgers and his car and he’s fully committed to the family business of hunting down and killing the creatures that go bump in the night while also trying to stop the apocalypse.

Jensen Ackles started out modeling as a young child, just 2 years old, did a few commercials and after he graduated he got his big break, as many actors often do, on Soap Operas. In this case NBC’s Days of Our Lives. After his soaps start he went on to play roles in Dark Angel, Dawson’s Creek, and Smallville, before landing his role on Supernatural.

Jensen is a talented guy with looks that make all the scifi loving, comic-con attending, CW watching girls go AWWWWW! So, Hunk of the Week 41 (part 1) is  Jensen Ackles.

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2 Responses to Blowhole Hunk of the Week 41 The Guys of Supernatural Part 1 Jensen Ackles

  1. […] likely that the reason Jared and his co-star Jensen Ackles can portray the bonds of brotherhood so while on the screen is because they are real life best […]

  2. mrs.robinson says:

    Love Jensen Ackles!

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