Blowhole Hunk of The Week #40: Jason Bateman

Well, my fellow Blowholians it has been a while since our last Hunk of The Week, and I am very sorry for that. I can’t really say what’s going on in that department at the moment because I really don’t know, but I can start this week off right with another fabulous HOTW.

This weeks pick was an easy choice for various reasons, and we’ll get there in just a sec, but I’d like to point out that Jason Bateman is HOTW #4o!  That’s right we’ve hit our 40th hunk here on the hole so get excited! 4…3..2..1 ok excitment gone let us move on…

Where You’ve Seen Him: Mr. Bateman has been acting since the 80’s. Starting out on Little House on the Prairie (you know that show your mom references from time to time and you have no idea what she’s talking about)  later attracting positive attention on shows such as Silver Spoons and Valerie’s Family. It is necessary that I include Teen Wolf Too because despite it’s more popular predecessor, my 8-year-old self really enjoyed that movie, so there. If you didn’t  see him in any of these, well then most likely you have either watched one or more of the following: Arrested Development, The Break-up, Smokin’  Aces, The Ex, The Kingdom, Juno, Hancock, Extract, Up in the Air, Couples Retreat, The Switch, Paul.

Where You Can See Him Now: Paul now in theaters. The Switch now on DVD.

What’s Up Next: Horrible Bosses, The Change-Up.

Why He’s Our HOTW: Besides being funny, talented, and super adorable–you really need to watch these Orbit shorts…

Dear Mr. Bateman,

Please continue to make films, shorts, or any other forms of enjoyable video to make my day suck less.

Much Love,                                                                                                                                              From The Daily Blowhole





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