Daily Diva Catfight #5: AJ vs. Kaitlyn

Alright, by all accounts I probably shouldn’t have chosen either of these girls for this Wrestlemania week event. Neither of them has been on the active roster for even a year, so neither one has appeared at a Wrestlemania and neither one is scheduled for this year’s show. They both appeared on the third season of WWE NXT last fall, a kinda-sorta-reality show that’s still pretty much scripted where the winner gets a WWE contract. AJ appeared to be the crowd favorite all along but was surprisingly voted off on the next to last episode. Kaitlyn wound up winning, but wasn’t ready to start wresting consistantly due to the fact that she’d only had a couple months worth of experience. She had been a last minute replacement for the NXT show. So basically I chose two Divas where one isn’t even technically “employed” (AJ is still in the development company FCW waiting for her call-up any day now) and one who has no on screen role currently. But you know what? My site, my rules, and I can pick whomever the hell I want. I like both these girls and they both have potential to be future WM participants, particularly AJ who’s already a skilled performer.

So which would you choose? The choice is yours, and yours alone! Come back tomorrow and every day this week for more WWE Diva Match-Ups.


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