Daily Diva Catfight #4: Maryse vs. Maria

Ringname: Maryse
Known for: Unlike many Divas, Maryse did not start out managing any superstars. She randomly appeared on episodes of Friday Night Smackdown in pretaped segments where she would welcome the audience back to the show. It was never referenced in any other form on TV so no one knows what was up with that. She’s a multi-time champion, having won both the Divas and Women’s Championships on several occasions. In mid-2010 she became the on-screen girlfriend of Ted Dibiase and managed all of his matches, along with wrestling her own. She joined him as a Pro for NXT Season 4 and was promoted to co-host of the current season.
Wrestlemania Experience: You know that Battle Royal that has been brought up all week? Yeah, she was in that too. And last year she competed in the Ten Diva Tag Match.

Ringname: Maria
Known for: Maria competed in the first ever Diva Search in the summer of ’05. Though she didn’t make it to the finals, she was still offered a contract and soon thereafter appeared on TV as a backstage interviewer. It wasn’t too long before she began competing as a wrestler. She never won either female title while during her time at WWE, but she did get the Playboy Push before WM24 in ’08.
Wrestlemania Experience: She wrestled in a tag match at WM24 and that good ol’ Battle Royal of WM25.
Since Leaving the WWE: She was surprisingly released in early 2010. I say it was surprising because she was always one of the more popular divas (she had just been voted Diva of the Year for ’09 by the fans a couple months prior), was in the middle of a storyline on TV, and her season of Celebrity Apprentince was just about to get underway, which the WWE could’ve used as cross promotion. She was released in part due to her unwillingness to give WWE any rights to her aspiring music career (she has said that she offered it to them first and they didn’t want any parts of it, so she worked on it on her own), and when she turned down the offer to host their new show NXT (a gig that went to commentator/former-wrestler Matt Striker initially, though Maryse joined him this season), the creative team cited they had nothing for her to do and thus she was released. Since then, she continued to pursue her music career (like fellow departed Divas, Lita and Mickie James) and released her debut album in April ’10.

So which would you choose? The choice is yours, and yours alone! Come back tomorrow and every day this week for more WWE Diva Match-Ups.


5 Responses to Daily Diva Catfight #4: Maryse vs. Maria

  1. Jonathan says:


  2. Dave says:

    Maryse, dah !

  3. Nicole says:

    wow, I never knew how much you liked wrestling and girls with muscles.

  4. Gratis Speicher…

    Daily Diva Catfight #4: Maryse vs. Maria « The Daily Blowhole…

  5. Rechenzentrum Zuerich…

    Daily Diva Catfight #4: Maryse vs. Maria « The Daily Blowhole…

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