Valentine’s Day from a different (or older) point of view.

I like Valentine’s day even though alot of people absolutely hate it. I like it because I still look at as a child does, not as a day for lovers and Significant Others or Love Interests. Instead I see a time to give gifts and cards  to the people you care most about, to offer them a piece of candy as a way of letting them know how important they are all year round.

I think the older you get the more you lose sight of that childlike perception, instead it’s replace with fear and sadness. Either you’re afraid of getting that special someone the right gift(or of forgetting all together) and starting a fight or you’re told you should feel like crap for being single and not having someone special to fight with. That is Valentine’s Day for Adults.

But I challenge you to reevaluate  your valentine’s days from this one forward. Instead of falling into the adult valentine trap try buying valentines and giving them to your friends and families, forget the flowers and teddy bears and commercial stuff and pull out the construction paper, markers, and scissors and make a special valentine heart for your sweet heart, or someone you wish was your sweet heart.  And if you’re single remember that today can be for friends and family too.

~Thomasa })i({


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