Blog Shout Out: Views From JG

It’s kind of a rerun, but also kind of not. The last time I devoted an entire post to Jon’s blog, it was actually called Jonathan’s Heart Thoughts. So…it’s practically completely different. Head on over to Views From JG if you’re looking for something with more heart, personal stories, and music recommendations than what you find here at the Blowhole. Also, he name drops me a lot. The blog has been going strong for over two years now (longer than the Blowhole), and you can check out his latest musings every friday night. On April 8th he will be celebrating his 100th post, so be sure to check that out. And why wait until then when you can hop aboard the Road to 100 now? Everyone’s invited to ride along. But I call shotgun.

And if you like what you see, make it official and ‘LIKE’ it on Facebook!


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