Artist Spotlight: Matthew Gray Gubler

Seeing as we were due for an art post n’ all (come on you know I love art posts) and I already had the perfect candidate picked out. So, now at 2:33am seemed like the perfect time to post this.

Matthew Gray Gubler: You’ve heard of him yes? no? yes?  Well, he is a  rather skilled actor, director, and artist whose unique drawings are pretty f-cking cool.


Art by Matthew Gray Gubler

Art by Matthew Gray Gubler

I can’t say for sure, but his medium looks like watercolors and pastels? Feel free to correct me if anyone else knows for sure.  Mr. Gubler has his own website where you can view more pictures like these, and other links to his work. Check it out by clicking here. My favorite ones are the monsters and the self portraits; awesome use of color. Some of the monsters have a reptilian look about them, which I dig…wait did I just type dig? sh-t.  I’m spending way too much time with my elders…







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