Hunk of the Week #37 Dante Basco

This weeks hunk is known for a bunch of different reasons and you might not recognize his name. He does voiceover work for popular TV Series like Disney’s American Dragon, as the title character, and Nick’s Avatar: The Last Airbender, as Prince Zuko. He’s been in movies like  1991’s Hook with Robin Williams, as Rufio, and 2006’s Take the Lead,  and he’s currently doing voice over on the TV Series Zevo-3.

It’s Dante Basco! I remember him first as the little boy in Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker. Then, as Rufio of course. Later he popped up again, slightly older, on Russell Simmon’s Def Poetry Jam where he preformed a very…intimate spoken word poem about a girl named Nikki.

Well, I was kinda interested in him after that. So, I then found out that he does all this voiceover work. He prefers to preform face unseen, though it’s a handsome face. So yea, I remember seeing this kid in a few times growing up but the adult me fell in love with that voice, that voice that works so well in kids shows lol.

So there you have it Hunk of the Week #37 Dante Basco


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