Out With The Old… But Not Really

I’m having some trouble getting rid of my old clothes . It shouldn’t be hard right? You just pick up something you haven’t worn in a while and toss it.  My problem is I pick up a shirt and remember this really funny thing that happened while I was wearing it and then I put it back in my drawer.  These aren’t super memorable either. I am not talking about baby clothes here,  more like high school wear. You know the type. The kind you wore for year book photos, because you thought you’d look so cute, but once you got there the photographer forced you to pose awkwardly until your eyes watered.

How do I put aside hording my old clothes?

Anyone have this problem?


One Response to Out With The Old… But Not Really

  1. TheeWriter says:

    I have the same problem so do what i do- put the shirt on(if it still fits) and take a pic with it. Keep the pic not the shirt or make something out of the shirt like a pillow or a quilt or something that way it lives on in your life in a more useful way.

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