Unnecessary Updates

OK www. creating, site organizing, layout makers of the  internet universe there is one thing I hate more than spam..Just one, and that is unnecessary updates and reformats.

People tend to be creatures of habit and we start relying on things to be a certain way so when I have five minutes before I leave the house to check my email, I know that gmail is going to ask for my login and password and then take me to a place where all my messages are organized by time of arrival. I know that because I do it every morning and it has yet to fail me.

So, my question is why massive updates? One change here or there might actually improve the usability of a site which can in turn increase the number of people to use the site but when I log on, as your already established patron, I have certain expectations.

Why the rant? Check out the massive update to the youtube home page. Its going to take some major getting used to plus, for me at least, it is much less efficient than it used to be. If you’re not an avid Youtube user this update probably won’t bother you in fact if you don’ t have a youtube profile you probably won’t really notice. I am an avid youtube user and I do have a profile and I liked having all my subs in one place so I could add them to a play list and watch them one after the other. I liked not having a page full of randomly “liked” videos. I liked it before it was so divided into small parts that take forever to go through. I want my old homepage back!!

Little things like drastic changes to a website show you how difficult it can be to accept change; that no matter what, we are creature of habit and sometimes it’s hard to readjust to something new. It takes time and sometimes we aren’t always readily willing to devote that time. The thing to keep in mind is that change can be good and the “Unnecessary Updates” our lives often undergo can be the best things for us leading to places we never would have imagined. It’s good that life never lets you get to comfortable so that you never become stagnate. Ok, i’m going back to youtube to try to decipher this mess they’ve created for me. Wish me luck!:)

~Thomasa })i({

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