Pet Peevery

Peevery is not a word, but I thought it had a better ring to it then just “Pet Peeve” for a title.

Obviously this post is about peeves, two in particular, double negatives and open mouth chewing.

I have  already acknowledged on this site that I am NO grammar expert. My punctuation sucks balls, but that does not mean  that I do not notice or get annoyed when folks verbally f-ck up the English language.  Thus bringing us to my first peeve of the night.

Double Negatives:

ex:  “I couldn’t see nothing.”

“Seriously I did not like none of those cars.”

(My personal fave ) “I didn’t do nothing.”     Well, if it’s nothing than obviously you couldn’t do it! no one can it doesn’t exist!


Moving on…

This peeve is inherited(long story don’t ask) and I know many  people who share my dislike for it.

Chewing with your mouth open:

It sounds like such a petty thing I know, but when you’re at an event or meeting your bf’s/gf’s family and all anyone hears is a glottal lip smacking horse-like display…well, trust me when I say the day will not end well for the Mr. Ed in the room.


Feel free to share your pet peeves in our comments section.



3 Responses to Pet Peevery

  1. Jonathan says:

    I hate when people use double negatives. Worse yet, when they use three or four negatives in one sentence. That is harder to do than actually saying the sentence correctly! I also hate when parents let their kids just run around willy-nilly. Like seriously, get control of your kids!

  2. TheeWriter says:

    I hate it when people stand behind me, especially when im sitting down. I don’t know why it just gives me the willys!! I also don’t like when someone asks you to spell a work for them and then they spell it themselves (outloud) before you can say anything. But my biggest pet peeve is when someone goes you ask you a question or tell you something but then they change their mind. I’m left sitting there like “WTF were you going to say?!”

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