The Blowhole Babe of the Week #64: Addison Timlin

Name: Addison Timlin
Age: 20
From: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Where You’ve Seen Her: Derailed
Where She Can Be Seen Next: This season on Californication
Michael’s Declaration: It’s far too early to declare a favorite Babe of 2011, but I want to make it clear that this week’s Babe is already in the running. She made a hell of a debut on the season premiere of Californication this past weekend (so…yeah, I mean it was boobtastic) as the actress who will play Mia (played by the also Babe of the Week worthy Madeline Zima) in the movie about her affair with David Duchovny’s character Hank. Californication’s second and third seasons weren’t all that great to me. (I only managed to watch two or three episodes of season three and never cared to return to it. By this episode, it seemed like the only one that’ll matter in the long run was the season finale anyway.) But this first episode of season four seemed to be a step in the right direction, which is to bring the show back to it’s amazing first season.


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