Blowhole Hunk of the Week #35 Ben Foster

Ladies, I present  the stalkworthy Retro and Current Hunk of the Week: Ben Foster

Where you might have seen him:

I first remember this hunk from his days on the late 90’s TV series Flash Forward where he played Tucker James, a guy with a girl best friend, Becca, who lived next door. The two survived middle school and everyday life issues together proving that their friendship was unbreakable. I loved this show!

From there Ben went on to appear in Get Over It,with Kirsten Dunst, 2002’s influential film about bulling and school shooting violence, Bang Bang You’re Dead, in which he played the bullied Trevor Adams, and, more recently, 2009’s The Messenger and Pandorum. He also had small parts in 3:10 to Yuma, X-Men:The Last Stand, where this sizzling photo to the left was taken, and Alpha Dog.

Where You Can See Him Next:

He has three movies coming out this year! Here, directed by Braden King,  The Mechanic, co-starring Donald Sutherland and Jason Statham, and Rampart.

Why is he Worthy of being this week’s Hunk of the Week:

Well, look at him! He a brilliant actor who is willing to dirty and ugly himself up in order to play intense roles where he expertly portrays human emotion so well you forget your watching a movie, who has a very chiseled and muscular physic(look at the picture again), and who is said to by quite articular and eloquent in person although he dropped out of high school his freshman year to move to Los Angeles to pursue his acting career. He’s self taught, self motivated, and passionate about his craft- he wrote, directed, and starred in his first play at the age of 12!

So there you have it, Blowhole Hunk #35 Ben Foster!

~Thomasa })i({


One Response to Blowhole Hunk of the Week #35 Ben Foster

  1. Nicole says:

    I rather enjoyed Flash Forward

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